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SigmaTEK Systems / SigmaNEST

Primary Purpose:  Marketing, Internal Communications, Lead Writer, Lead Generation Strategies, Project Management.  Existing Client Base of 25,000+, New Business Goal of 10%+ YOY.  Organic Growth Goal of 8% +YOY.

Approach:  Integrated Marketing  to Customers, Leads, Press, OEM Audiences, Intensive Research and ROI Tracking, Marketing Automation as Possible.

Audience:  Global with 20 Countries, 14 Languages. B2B, Advanced Industrial Manufacturing Sector, Technology Buyers, Automation & Integration for Fabricators

Audience Description:  Customer is Global Fabricators, Company Leadership Teams, Including CEOs, IT, Operations, Production Managers, Machine Operators, CFOs, IT.  Referral Sources and Influencers are OEMs.

Project Scope:   Assist in the support of, then (post-acquisition) re-organization and strategic internal alignment of resources within this dynamic, growing full-service marketing department in a cut-throat industrial technology landscape.  


Role:  Full-time Project Manager, Key Writer, Research Lead, Collaborative Team Cheerleader and Champion.

Team Priority:  Work alongside sales, development, IT & operations teams to drive aggressive generation growth with customers, prospects & OEMs while maintaining high ROI in all channels.  My projects include:  Assist with and lead/contribute to all marketing strategy, resource planning, and budget projections; oversee and support creation of all marketing deliverables in print, digital, press, audio, video, webinar, partnerships;  assist in process development within team as part of department re-organization;  provide consistent industry, competitive, and trend research to team and develop pursuant, actionable tactics/messaging;  research, troubleshoot and recommend CRM/automation program "next steps" for existing, inefficient data platforms. 

Collaboratively drive growth via consistent, strategic and effective marketing efforts.  Help establish non-silo approach to lead generation & marketing efforts.  Track all efforts for ROI.

Deliverables (collaborative):  Annual strategy, plan and budget documents; regular social (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn), website & email content preparation and distribution; consistent global PR & media relations efforts for story placement; global ad & trade show coordination;  monthly article & news release writing, editing and proofing; personnel profile writing & updates; customer testimonial/case study/success story content coordination & development;  new  employee orientation of marketing approach and their part in the program as brand ambassadors;  client satisfaction survey program development production, distribution and evaluation; tracking of budget projections vs. actuals, and adjusting as needed per annual objectives.

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