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Frequently asked questions

How long have you been in the Marketing Management business?

I have been involved in Marketing Management and Project Management for over twenty years, beginning in my senior year in high school while living in Cleveland, Ohio. For some unknown reason, the dear nuns at my school thought that an Advertising Agency was a great placement for me for my senior intern project. Go figure. Since then, I've worked with nearly a hundred agencies while in the video/film/online/interactive production field, and worked for two as staff Account Manager, Project Manager and Writer. I've worked extensively (and extremely hard) on both B2B and B2B projects, programs, and campaigns -- thousands at this point. Please feel free to review my resume, available on the "About" page. I've loved this work since the beginning, so I keep learning and growing as I go. I guess the nuns were right.

Do you have outside interests or hobbies?

Oh, yes, I do. My children, now both teenagers, are my primary "outside interest/activity." They keep me on my toes and learning new things daily. I'm also a "word nerd" of the highest order -- I collect antique books. My book collection is exclusively non-fiction and numbers somewhere around 100 volumes. I focus primarily on dictionaries, first editions when I can find/afford (!) them. My oldest volume dates to 1590 and is in Latin. I also own an original first-edition Oxford dictionary, which is twenty large volumes and took over forty years to complete. See? Nerd.

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