Primary Purpose:  Marketing

Approach:  Integrated Marketing

Audience:  B2C End-Users, Media Outlets

Audience Description:  M/F, 40+, $100K+


Project Scope:   Develop and outline business concept, define concrete components of online tool and supporting materials for business concept, establish launch budget and timeline, write comprehensive business plan to secure start-up funding, present business plan to regional business incubators (approved).  Lead freelance creative and programming team in production of brand components, online database tool and website.  Write all necessary copy components, including PR Materials. Consistently reach out to national and online media for coverage.


Role:  President, Full-time Marketing Director, Writer, Project Manager, PR Director, Chief Bottle Washer


Research, writing, data coordination, lead creative and interactive development teams, marketing strategy development, planning, copyright registration, Library of Congress Registration, Amazon sales program coordination, SEO, online ad development, direct mail development and print production.  Writing team coordination, client support, primary writer and editor.


Deliverables:   Interactive, database-driven website, online ads, biography binder tool, direct mail,  branded promotional items, story placement in WSJ, O Magazine, Metro Magazine and numerous online publications.

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