A n t h e m, Inc. 

Primary Purpose:   Marketing, Internal Communications, Project Management, RESEARCH:  Process/Tool Optimization For Rolling Real-Time Personnel Needs Projection (using Aprimo, Microsoft Project [MPP], Toggl, Salesforce Marketing Cloud [SFMC]).

Approach: Collaborative, integrated multi-medium marketing automation project development & management  for SFMC & Outlook platforms integrated with Aprimo, proprietary site backend CMS, Twitter, MPP, others).  Distribution to Customers, Product Managers, Leads, Providers, Brokers, Press, more.     

Audience:  US Regional or National depending on brand(s).  

Role:  Full-time Project Manager, Editor, Research Lead, Collaborative Team Cheerleader


Deliverables (collaborative):   Plan and budget documents; regular website, email content preparation and distribution; reporting.

More Samples Available on Request emailed to:  suzanne.warden@gmail.com

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